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Car dealers warned of flood-damaged trade-insBack

FloodAA cars has warned the used car trade to be wary of flood-damaged cars being offered as trade-ins.

It said owners may attempt to pass their car on rather than make an insurance claim.

The AA’s flood rescue team had retrieved more than 3,000 cars from flood water since 20 December.

David Bruce, director of AA Cars, said insurers write off 70% of cars that have been immersed in flood water, either because the engine has been damaged or submerged electrical systems threaten the car’s safety.

“While a car can be dried out with no obvious visual damage, immersion in floods can store up a range of potentially costly or dangerous problems that could emerge at a later date.

“For instance, catalytic converter and exhaust system life can be seriously compromised and there can be host of potentially serious electrical problems – including airbags spontaneously going off with a risk of injury,” he said.

“Many owners may not tell their insurer that their car has been affected by flood water and attempt to dispose of it through the used car market, passing on potentially disastrous problems to an unwitting buyer.”


Posted by Leana Kell on 09/02/2014