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Disposal Notifications and Keeper changesBack

DvlaWhen you tell DVLA that you have taken a vehicle into trade, either by paper or using the online service, this starts a series of actions in DVLA.

If you are notifying on behalf of a keeper, you must do this as soon as possible as this removes that person from the vehicle record and issues the refund of vehicle tax.

Our systems depend on the date of notification to calculate the refund value, meaning a delay could result in keepers losing any money owed to them. This in turn can lead to keepers contacting us disputing the amount of refund issued.

It is important that our records are kept up to date, so that we and our stakeholders can contact the right keeper of a vehicle when necessary.  We rely on you to provide us with the full and correct names and addresses of any new keeper.

We would like to thank you for your help when telling us about these changes.

Posted by Sue Robinson on 12/02/2016