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Distance contract and off-premises contract checklistBack

MILsThe consumer contracts regulations replace the Distance Selling Regulations and the Doorstep Selling Regulations.

If you currently undertake

  1. ANY business on ebay or
  2. contract with any consumers away from your place of business or
  3. without any face to face contact,

your terms are required include as a minimum the following information

  • the main characteristics of the goods or services being sold,
  • Your business details including
    • any trading name
    • your address
    • your telephone number,
    • fax number and
    • e-mail address,
    • If you are acting on behalf of another trader, their details as above
    • You need to state that you are under a legal duty to supply goods that are as described;
    • Full financial information including
      • the total cost of the goods or services inclusive of taxes,
      • All additional delivery charges and any other costs.
      • If it is an ongoing contract or subscription service, the total costs per billing period or the total monthly costs;
      • If there are charges that are not incurred in a face to face contract eg handling charges, you have to highlight these additional costs.
    • If applicable, how long with the contract last, and the conditions for terminating the contract;
    • How the goods or services are to be paid for
    • The terms and conditions relating to any deposits or guarantees paid by the consumer;
    • Delivery details and process, including
      • How and when they are to be delivered
      • By whom
    • confirmation of either
      • the right to cancel, including the conditions, time limit and procedures (see example terms and conditions) or
      • If your goods are bespoke or customized you need to clearly state that there is no rights of cancellation.
    • That a charge will be made in the event of cancellation for any reduction in value of any goods (see example terms and conditions);
    • whether the consumer will have to bear the cost of returning the goods in case of cancellation
    • Any details of after-sale customer assistance, after-sales services and commercial guarantees; eg warranties
    • where applicable, any complaint handling policy. Remember as an RMI member you should refer to the RMI conciliation Service

Posted by Sue Robinson on 13/06/2014