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DVLA change rules on Insurance policies to streamline administrationBack

InsuranceThe DVLA have just announced that from mid December the law changes regarding insurance at the point of registering and taxing vehicles, please read the communication below from the DVLA.

Subject to law change, from 16th December 2013, DVLA will remove the need for you to check motor insurance policies when a vehicle is being taxed, however it is still a legal requirement for all motorists to be insured.

The change will apply to applications for vehicles that are:

  • Registering and taxing through the Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) system
  • Registering and taxing via post to DVLA
  • Taxing via DVLA’s Electronic Vehicle Licensing service (online car tax service)
  • Taxing at a Post Office® branch

Please note there will still be a requirement to check and record evidence of motor insurance when taxing a vehicle registered or to be registered in Northern Ireland

Changes required to the Confirmation Of Registration details Certificate for GB customers

You will be aware that the Confirmation Of Registration Details Certificate includes a declaration:

“Included with the application for first licensing and registration of the motor vehicle described in this Statement was a certificate of insurance or security in respect of liabilities to third parties which provides insurance cover for the named keeper of the vehicle. The insurance cover is valid on the date of registration when the first vehicle licence for the vehicle comes into force”.

DVLA will remove this declaration, but will inform you prior to this change being made.

Changes required to the Web system

When registering a vehicle, you are currently asked “have you checked for valid motor insurance” and the option is to choose ‘ OK ’ or ‘Cancel’, please choose ‘OK’.

DVLA will change this to reflect the proposed new legislation, and will inform you prior to it being implemented.

If you have any queries please contact the AFRL helpdesk :

Posted by Leana Kell on 17/11/2013