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Engaging The Right PeopleBack

nfdatrusteddealers2Getting traffic to your website is a matter of cost. Whether you invest in SEO, PPC or social media, it takes time and therefore money. And if you have spent that money, you really want a clear idea of whether it is being used to reach the right people – and that means looking beyond raw visitors’ numbers to gauge the quality and depth of visits.

Recent data from ComScore reveals that Trusted Dealers is second only to AutoTrader in terms of the number of views per visit in the classified sector –far ahead of the likes of eBay and Gumtree.

In terms of length of visit, Trusted Dealers is again among the leading sites – and well ahead of sites with a less focussed audience, such as and RAC Cars.

Importantly, this level of engagement is down to marketing choices. Our core demographics match those of franchised dealers: older, with a bit more money in their pockets, and looking for security rather than just the cheapest deal.

Because we know this, our marketing spend is tilted towards this demographic, and reinforced by our messaging, which stresses the quality of the franchised dealer model rather than focussing on price.

In a market weighted towards males, we also have also worked to achieve a more equal gender split. The market average is a 60-40% split towards men, whereas at Trusted Dealers we have a 55-45% difference.

These choices mean we pre-qualify our visitors as much as possible so that we primarily the people who will ultimately buy from a franchised dealer rather than make a private purchase or use a supermarket.

By targeting these people, we are aiding your lead generation: whether it be through phone calls or emails, or those crucial walk-ins which so often go unattributed to any particular media. As a result of this targeting we know that of the calls we listened to in October, 88% of the leads we generated were genuine used car leads.




Posted by Sue Robinson on 25/11/2016