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EU – Commercial vehicle registrations: +13.0% over four months of 2015Back

EuroCVRegsTotal all new Commercial Vehicles

In April 2015, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU continued to expand (+12.2%), totaling 169,746 units. Growth was sustained across all commercial vehicle segments. The UK (+22.8%) and Spain (+18.5%) posted double‐digit growth, followed by Italy (+9.0%), Germany (+7.0%) and France (+1.4%), which also saw their demand increase, contributing to the overall expansion.

Four months into the year, the EU market expanded by 13.0%, totaling 671,701 commercial vehicles. Over the period, Spain (+35.2%), the UK (+23.9%) Italy (+7.6%) and Germany (+7.1%) all posted growth, while France remained stable (+0.01%).

EU Vans under 3.5t
From January to April 2015, 558,419 new vans were registered in the EU, or 13.1% more than in the same period last year. All major markets saw their demand for vans increase over this period, especially Spain (+36.2%), the UK (+22.0%) and Germany (+10.9%) which posted double‐digit growth.

EU Heavy Trucks
Four months into the year, the EU market grew by 17.0%, reaching 82,039 units. The UK (+70.6%), Spain (+26.7%), Italy (+12.1%) and Germany (+2.3%) saw their demand for heavy trucks increase, while the French market remained stable (+0.3%). The impressive growth recorded in the Netherlands (+105.8%) persisted during this period.

Posted by Sue Robinson on 03/07/2015