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Government crackdown on bogus claims

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced a major crackdown on insurance fraudsters and dishonest claims as part of new measures to benefit honest motorists

The price of an average motor insurance premium has seen a record fall of more than £100 over the past year, according to the latest AA statistics. Government reforms to tackle the growth of compensation culture and help hardworking people have made a major contribution to this fall.

The government has now pledged to do more as it continues to deliver the long-term plan to build a better and more financially secure future for Britain. It has welcomed assurances from the insurance industry that they will continue to do their part by passing on any savings that result from these reforms straight on to customers.


Toyota2Toyota adds to recall over airbags

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has added 650,000 cars – all in Japan – to the recall it issued last year over a defect in passenger airbags.

That takes the number of cars recalled over the issue to 2.79 million.

The affected vehicles have a defective part which “could cause the airbag inflator to rupture and deploy the airbag abnormally in a crash”.

Toyota, the world’s biggest carmaker, said it had received one report of a seat cover burn due to the issue.

It added that it was also modifying the remedy that it was using to address the issue.

Toyota said that it had so far been replacing the part in the affected vehicles based on the serial number provided by the parts maker, Takata Corp.


CMACMA sets out changes for private motor insurance

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today set out the changes it proposes to make in the private motor insurance (PMI) market to increase competition and reduce the cost of premiums for motorists.

The measures include:
• a cap on the charges passed to the insurer of an at-fault driver in an accident for the cost of providing a replacement vehicle to the non-fault driver, to more closely reflect the costs incurred and remove significant inefficiencies
• better information for consumers about their rights following an accident
• a ban on price parity agreements between price comparison websites (PCWs) and insurers which stop insurers from making their products available to consumers elsewhere more cheaply
• better information for consumers on the costs and benefits of no-claims bonus protection
• a recommendation that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) looks at how insurers inform consumers about other PMI-related add-on products


Vince CableBusiness secretary opens smart centre

Business secretary Vince Cable today opened a new innovation centre for smart transport technology

The centre will transform the movement of people and goods around the world, generating up to £90bn per year for the UK by 2025.

Based in Milton Keynes, the Transport Systems Catapult’s ‘Imovation Centre’ will help make journeys more seamless, smart, and efficient. It will support business growth in this emerging market, positioning the UK as a global leader in Intelligent Mobility products and services — from driverless vehicles and improved airport data systems to integrated logistics, sentiment mapping and smart traffic lights.

The centre is part of the Government’s industrial strategy – a long-term plan to deliver high-skilled jobs and growth.

Speaking at a special media preview of the Centre in Milton Keynes, the business secretary, Vince Cable said, ‘Britain has a long history of transport innovation; from the shipbuilders who paved the way for globalisation, to the railways, that underpinned the industrial revolution.


CourtesyVehicleInsurance: Plans for cap on courtesy car costs

The cost of courtesy cars should be capped to push down car insurance premiums, the competition regulator has proposed.

Replacement vehicles cost consumers as much as £180m a year through higher premiums, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said.

There will also be a ban on website deals which stop insurers offering lower product prices elsewhere.

No-claims bonus information will also have to be clearer, the regulator said.

Courtesy car costs for an insurer can be significantly higher if the replacement car is provided by an outside company, rather than by the insurer itself, the CMA said.

Ultimately, these costs are passed onto the consumer through higher premiums, and so should be capped at source, it added.


FiatEuropean Commission launches tax investigation into Fiat France

The European Commission is to open a formal investigation into Fiat France in relation to its tax arrangements in Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Fiat UK is not involved in the EC investigation.

The EC has also announced it is investigating Starbucks and Apple for the same reason and will be looking at whether the companies’ tax affairs breach European Union rules.

The EU said its investigation follows reports some companies have received significant tax reductions through rulings by national authorities.


Posted by Sue Robinson on 13/06/2014