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DvlaThis week the NFDA were represented at a meeting with the DVLA to ascertain where they are with upgrading both short-term and long term with Cherished Number Transfers and implementation dates for VED (vehicle taxation) changes as follows:

Cherished Number Transfers

The current processing time once received at Swansea and correctly submitted is now down to 5 working days. The V5/C registration document is despatched at least one day ahead of the tax disc. Both are now posted first class. The introduction of pre-addressed envelopes (Not pre-paid) is streamling the process and ensuring no additional delays are caused internally at Swansea.

Although long term there are plans to introduce full online cherished number transfers, the DVLA wish to introduce an email system from the plate change month of March this year. They are hopeful this new temporary system will be signed off by Government in the next two weeks.

There are also plans to abolish the £25 retention fee from cherished transfers to assist the method of IT transfer due to be operational in early 2015. The £80 transfer fee will still remain.

Replacement Donor Vehicle/Part-exchange V5 Registration Document

The requirement for these to be returned to the previous registered keeper often causes these to go missing and therefore the dealer is unable to sell, trade or auction the part exchange vehicle causing cash-flow implications. Once again the NFDA have asked for an option for this document to be returned direct to the dealer involved.

Indefinite SORN

From October 2014 a SORN application will be indefinite until the vehicle is re-licensed, changes registered keepers, scrapped or exported.

Abolishion of Tax Discs

The last tax discs will be issued in September of this year. In October all vehicles will be taxed but no tax disc will be supplied or needed to be displayed. Overall this change is expected to save the DVLA, car dealers and fleet operators around £14 million per year.

Non-transferable VED

It will not be possible for the registered keeper of a vehicle to sell the vehicle with the benefit of the un-expired tax (VED). This is planned to be automatically refunded to the disposing registered keeper of the vehicle. It is therefore essential that all vehicles taken in part-exchange are not driven on the roads without the use of Trade Plates after this law is implemented in October 2014.

Direct-Debit Payment for Tax Discs

From November of this year vehicle keepers will be able to keep their vehicle taxed monthly, six-monthly or annually by direct-debit, which will be completed at the Post Office. The monthly and six-monthly direct-debits will attract a 5% surcharge. Currently a six monthly tax disc is surcharged at 10%. Direct-Debit tax disc payments will not be available for first-registration but for the vehicle’s registered keeper thereafter registration.

Northern Ireland Rationalisation plans

No firm decision has been made by the UK Government, N.I. Assembly and the DVLA, therefore the issue is still undecided.




Posted by Leana Kell on 02/02/2014