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Motoring Market Set to Go GreenBack

nfdatrusteddealers2Fuel Costs Turning Motorists to Green Alternatives

Despite fuel prices experiencing a six year low, the cost of motoring is still a major concern for drivers, with new research from used car website NFDA Trusted Dealers revealing many motorists are looking to green alternatives for their next vehicle purchase.

The survey of 1,000 UK motorists found that despite enjoying the lowest fuel prices for six years, more than 30 per cent of drivers* believe this won’t last and fuel prices will rise over the next year. With more than 50 per cent (50.77%) of the motorists surveyed identifying the cost of fuel as the main influencer when choosing their next vehicle, many are now looking to green alternatives for their next purchase.

Alternative fuel vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for drivers across the UK, with the latest SMMT report showing sales of alternative fuel cars grew 40.3 per cent in 2015. Research from Trusted Dealers further supports this trend, with more than eight per cent (8.10%) of participants in its recent survey saying the next car they bought would be an alternative fuel vehicle.

The Trusted Dealers website has seen significant increases in green alternative vehicles, with the number of used alternative fuel vehicles listed tripling in the last year. More than 200 electric cars and 1,294 hybrids are now listed for sale on the site out of a total 60,000 vehicles.

To tap into the growing trend towards green vehicles, Trusted Dealers is calling for the Government to do more when it comes to green cars and provide more charging points across the UK. In the last 12 months, the number of green car charging points has only increased by 6.7 per cent, with less than 2,000 (1,977) charging points and only 7,646 outlets currently available in the UK, compared to almost 25,000 (24,829)** outlets in France.

Trusted Dealers Managing Director, Neil Addley, said: “We regularly survey motorists to understand the changing shape of the consumer market and currently only a third of drivers remain optimistic about low fuel costs, with two thirds either undecided or saying they will rise.

“The reality in the motoring sector is that people are turning towards green cars to save themselves money. British motorists already spend more than £3,000 every year on running their vehicles so green cars are looking increasingly attractive to help drivers save money where possible.

“With many consumers looking to make their next car a green vehicle, the emphasis is now on the Government to support them by ensuring there are sufficient charging points available for green owners to recharge their cars while on the road. Increasing the number of rapid charging points would allow consumers to use green cars as a viable alternative, even when travelling long distances, making them an even more attractive vehicle.”

Trusted Dealers is part of the National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA), one of the UK’s leading motor industry bodies. The site, which lists cars from the country’s top dealerships, offers complete peace of mind for those buying a used car online.

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Posted by Sue Robinson on 11/03/2016