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NAMA Car Data & Commercial Vehicle Reports – June 2015Back

NamaNAMA Report June 2015

The National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) published its monthly market report this week for June 2015.

The report shows that the average sale price in June increased by £98 on the May 2015 figure from £5,400 to £5,498. This is also the case for the year-on-year value with June 2015 increasing by 2.2% on the June 2014 average sale price of £5,381.

Sales volumes for June 2015 are up by 2.1% in comparison to the May 2015 figure. In terms of a year on year comparison, vehicle auction sales were also up by 2.3% from 106,485 in June 2014 to 108,950 in June 2015 selling 2,465 more vehicles in June 2015.

The percentage of vehicles sold first time in June 2015 is static at 73% in comparison to May 2015, however in comparison to June 2014 the percentage is down from 77% a decrease of 4%.

The price premium for vehicles sold first time also remained static £275 and the average days on site increased to 8.8 days.

Sale Price by Age Profile in May 2015 compared to June 2014

2014 2015 Diff %
Late & Low £14,575 £14,575 0.0%
Fleet £8,575 £8,925 4.0%
PX (Young) £5,175 £5,625 8.7%
PX (Old) £2,525 £2,725 7.9%
Budget £750 £875 16.7%

Despite increased total volumes from May 2015 to June 2015 and increased volumes compared to June 2015, sale prices have increased in four out of five categories with Late Low remaining static.

Paul Hill, NAMA Chairman comments, “Continued low interest rates combined with favourable exchange rates, new models, advanced technology, and improved safety features are helping to support manufacturers with their growth objectives for new car sales.

“At the wholesale level conversion rates have dropped slightly in June with increased volumes in the auction halls and the wholesale trade in general including digital and alternative channels. Prices have remained buoyant in June and this is likely to continue throughout July and August as used vehicle stock levels are likely to fall during the holiday season and prior to the September plate change.

“The increase on Late Low and Fleet Profile stock is likely to continue in July, and as a consequence of record registration figures in June as fleet returns and overage stock enter the market, we are likely to see another realignment of pricing in line with volume in this particular sector.

“July will again need the vendors’ remarketing partners to guide and advise on market conditions and levels of vehicle preparation to achieve the best results in terms of price and conversion rate achievement combined with minimal days to sell.”

CVehiclesNAMA Commercial Vehicle Report – June 2015

The National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) published its Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market report for June this week.

The report shows that the average value of used LCV’s at auction across the board increased 1.7% to £4.677 between May and June. Volumes saw a 6.6% increase, and the average age of LCV’s sold at auction fell from 69.3 to 67.7 months.

The average number of days that LCVs remained on site rose to 15.4 days, and the average mileage decreased from 81,761 to 80,504 miles.

Price Changes by age

Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15
<2 Years £11,530 £11,560 £11,135 £11,005
Previous month Diff 1.1% 0.3% -3.7% -1.2%
2 – 4 Years £6,690 £6,835 £6,670 £6,540
Previous month Diff 2.5% 2.2% -2.4% -1.9%
4.1 – 6 Years £4,460 £4,825 £4,715 £4,770
Previous month Diff -3.4% 8.2% -2.3% 1.2%
Over 6 Years £2,180 £2,265 £2,405 £2,330
Previous month Diff -4.2% 3.9% 6.2% -3.1%

In June, despite the average price achieved for LCVs increasing by £78 (1.7%), this still represented a fall of £162 (-3.3%) over the past 12 months.

Volume Changes by Age

Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15
<2 Years 460 499 400 484
Previous month Diff -32.7% 8.5% -19.8% 21.0%
2 – 4 Years 3,848 2,537 2,673 2,985
Previous month Diff 18.9% -34.1% 5.4% 11.7%
4.1 – 6 Years 2,635 2,646 2,635 2,944
Previous month Diff 0.8% 0.4% -0.4% 11.7%
Over 6 Years 4,386 4,291 3,859 3,789
Previous month Diff 8.8%








In June, there was a sizeable increase in the number of LCVs being wholesaled through the auction system. Growth of 6.6% took the monthly tally to 10,202 units and delivered an increase of 17% over the same month in 2014. Encouragingly, with the exception of the oldest lots, supply improved at all years, which will be greatly appreciated by trade buyers.

Paul Hill, NAMA Chairman comments, “This month’s LCV report delivers plenty of good news for those wholesaling used LCVs to digest, and highlights that the market for used LCVs remains robust.

“In June, average price and overall volume each saw healthy gains with average mileage continuing to fall back. These are positives that set the scene once we are through the summer lull, for a strong second half of 2015.

“The less positive news is that used LCVs are remaining on site for longer, with a sizeable increase in the proportion that do not sell at the first time of being offered, partially due to volume increases and a higher proportion of duplicate stock.

“Any indications of tougher times ahead are mostly being driven by the approaching holiday season when traditionally few dealers would wish to be holding too much stock. However, vendors would be well advised to heed such warning signs and take steps to ensure that the used LCVs they bring to auction are presented in a manner that will maximise returns or to take account of condition when setting reserve prices.

“Although there are undoubtedly challenges ahead of us, with the UK economy being healthy and set to grow over the coming 12 months, there is good reason to be optimistic over the medium term.”

Posted by Sue Robinson on 17/07/2015