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New fuel increases motorist costsBack

PetrolPumpThe introduction of a ‘greener’ petrol to meet EU regulations could cost UK drivers billions of pounds a year and increase harmful CO2 tailpipe emissions, according to What Car?.

The move to introduce E10 fuel, which is expected to happen this year, has been branded as ‘irresponsible’ by What Car? after it undertook the first ever real-world tests on the new blend of petrol. Until now, the fuel had only been tested in laboratory conditions and the potential impact on fuel economy had not been communicated to motorists.

The E10 fuel contains 10% bio-ethanol and is being rolled out across the UK as part of the Government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conforming to the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive. This requires 10% of road transport energy to be from renewable sources by 2020.

However, What Car?’s True MPG testers discovered that E10 is less efficient than the current E5 (up to 5% bio-ethanol) blend of fuel across every engine type tested. This means cars have to use more of the new fuel, costing drivers much more each year.


Posted by Leana Kell on 09/02/2014