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FTThe Times

Manufacturers take high road to Moscow – Much of the automotive industry will travel to Russia for the Moscow motor show which opens on Wednesday, with pledges of doing more business with the country. Nissan is one of the companies that have the largest interest in Russia as it is the country’s fifth largest car brand.

Drivers at risk of fines in confusion over end of the tax disc Paper discs on car windows will be replaced by electronic records, which will utilise police cameras to check number plates to catch owners with unpaid tax. A survey published yesterday found that fewer than half of drivers are aware of the changes, which will also prevent the discs being passed to new owners when cars are sold.

Paul Watters, AA, said: ‘Vast numbers of people could be hit, as many car sales involve someone saying ‘I’ve put tax on the car for you’. That this will no longer be possible has not been well-communicated at all’

The Daily Mail

Aston Martins recalled Aston Martin has been forced to recall more than 1,600 cars after the discovery of an electronic fault that can cause a dangerous loss of power. The safety notice will affect DB9 Coupe, Volante and Rapide S models made in the last 12 months. The marque said that the problem lies with a Czech-made circuit board inside the transmission control.

The Financial Times

India fines carmakers for spare parts collusion – Yesterday marked the imposition of a $422million fine on 14 car groups by the Competition Commission of India. Coming just days after authorities in China doled out similar penalties, the fine was the result of the companies’ suppressing competition in the market for spare parts. Those affected include Maruti Suzuki, India’s biggest carmaker by sales, and Tata Motors, which received the largest individual fine. Foreign brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW India and General Motors, were also penalised.

BYD pins hope on electric car venture with Daimler The latest results from BYD, the Chinese car and technology group, show total sales in the first half of $4billion. However, despite strong growth in China’s overall car market, BYD’s car sales fell 27 per cent over the two quarters to 180,000 units. Sales of its electric cars and buses increased sixfold over the same period but still totalled just 7,600 units.

The Independent

Ex-Porsche boss faces trial over failed VW takeover scandal A legal ruling yesterday has paved the way for two former Porsche executives to stand trial. Wendelin Wiedeking and Holger Härter, Porsche’s former chief executive and chief financial officer, were charged in 2012 with insider trading in relation to the group’s failed takeover of Volkswagen – but the case was dropped, following a lower court ruling there was insufficient evidence.

The Daily Telegraph

Emergency tax discs you cut out yourself – Yesterday the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency said it is having to print a stopgap supply of discs, as it had been running down the last of its stock before the introduction of an internet-based system. This means motorists renewing their tax before October 1 will have to cut out the discs themselves, which will not be printed on perforated paper. A survey by the AA suggested that 42 per cent of drivers were unaware of the abolition of the paper tax disc, which was introduced in 1921.


Posted by Sue Robinson on 29/08/2014