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FTThe Financial Times

Employers urged to help disabled into work – Employers are under pressure to help the government meet an ambitious commitment to get hundreds of thousands more disabled people into work

Corporation tax cut risks haven tag, say experts – George Osborne’s surprise corporation tax cut will push foreign investment into Britain up by 2 per cent in the long run but could risk the UK becoming branded a tax haven, according to some experts

UK companies stay tight-lipped on attitudes to Britain’s EU membership – Only 7 per cent of UK companies would be willing to speak out in favour of the country staying in the EU, even though two-thirds believe a so-called Brexit would be damaging for them, research has found.

The Times

Workers ‘should save up for their own sick pay’

Workers should pay into new flexible saving accounts to fund their own sick pay or unemployment benefits, Iain Duncan Smith has said.

Late payment pressure rises at small firms – Small businesses are waiting longer than ever to be paid by their customers, increasing the pressure on the government to legislate on the issue.

Lloyd’s ‘devalued property to force businesses into defaults’ – Lloyds has been accused of unduly influencing property valuations to “engineer defaults” of smaller companies in an attempt to clean up its balance sheet.

The Daily Telegraph

Apprentice levy ‘will not solve skills crisis’- The Chancellor’s plan to levy large businesses to fund apprenticeships may not deliver the highly-skilled workers needed by industry, Britain’s biggest business lobby has warned.

The Guardian

Skills shortages hindering growth in critical sectors, CBI poll reveals – More firms struggling to fill key jobs, says survey

Osborne’s apprenticeship levy proposal criticised

George Osborne’s pledge to fix Britain’s woeful productivity record will be called into question by the CBI today when it highlights a skills crisis and redoubles criticism of the government’s apprenticeship plans.

The Daily Mail

Blue is the colour when it comes to cars – Forget racy red or canary yellow. When it comes to choosing the colour of a new car, our most popular choice is safe and traditional blue.

The new EU fuel that costs £80 a year more – A ‘green’ fuel which the EU wants all European countries to adopt would add to British motorists’ costs at the pumps.

The cleaner petrol— which contains 10 per cent ethanol, a form of alcohol made from plant material— could add £80 to annual fuel bills.



Posted by Sue Robinson on 17/07/2015