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FTThe Financial Times

Website plans to leave car dealerships in the dust – The motor industry, which has been slow to embrace ecommerce, faces a shakeup. (Carwow, “a marketplace for new vehicles and the motor industry’s answer to Expedia” wants to make it easier to buy a new car.

“It helps buyers select a car and sends out an alert to more than 1,000 registered dealerships. The dealers then contact the customer with their final, best offer and handle the rest of the transaction directly. Carwow takes a flat commission of £250 per transaction from the dealer. Almost all of the process can be carried out online”)

The Times

Look under the bonnet? We wouldn’t know how – One woman thought her car had an “expanding petrol tank” because her fuel bill was rising. Another who complained that her car was burning too much fuel on the motorway did not realise that she had been in second gear for 100 miles.

Whether it is the rules of the road or the basics of car maintenance, a survey of 2,000 drivers in Britain reveals an alarming degree of ignorance.

Jaguar’s moment before a really big cat pounced – A greater sense of vision could have saved the carmaker’s national status, Sir John Egan tells Robert Lea

Budget effect ‘will make consumers poorer’ – British consumers will be worse off in the next few years because of measures announced by George Osborne in his budget this month, according to the EY Item Club.

The Daily Telegraph

Tax-avoiding firms face ‘special measures’ threat as HMRC gets tough – Companies that try to avoid tax could be put into “special measures” and their affairs will come under greater scrutiny under new proposals due to be announced by HM Revenue and Customs as early as today.

No interest rate rise until late 2016, predicts EY ITEM club – Interest rates are unlikely to rise until the later part of 2016, according to economists at EY, despite the Bank of England signalling they could begin to creep up before the end of the year.

The Guardian

Price of diesel falls below unleaded after 14 years, as Morrison cuts 2p – Morrison’s is stepping up a supermarket price war on the forecourts by cutting the cost of diesel by up to 2p a litre from today. It said the reduction— which is likely to trigger similar moves by rivals— meant that for the first time in 14 years, the average price for diesel would be lower than the cost of unleaded petrol.

Posted by Sue Robinson on 24/07/2015