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Since the content revolution of Internet video sparked by YouTube, video has become one of the biggest growth areas in online marketing – and we are pleased to announce that Trusted Dealers is joining this revolution in content delivery.

In the used car market in particular, the explosion of car review channels on YouTube has eclipsed and hastened the decline of traditional print publications. Titles such as Auto Car are now aggressively pushing their video channels, and a new generation of presenters such as Chris Harris become familiar to millions on YouTube long before they make an appearance on national television.

Customers use video throughout the buying process. Pushed for time (and money) it is far more convenient to find and watch a car review online than it is to find and buy a magazine with a review of the car you might want to buy.

For customers who do not have a clear view of exactly which car they want to buy, it is logical to sit down and watch entertaining, visually interesting and factually informative videos to help choose which make or model of car to buy. Better still, they can be easily shared with a partner or friend.

In partnership with Car and Driving, we are pleased to bring video content into the heart of the customer journey on Trusted Dealers. Car and Driving have thousands of hours of expert video reviews for a huge array of models and we now embed these directly into the full-page adverts of our members’ cars. If you look at almost any individual advert of a car on Trusted Dealers, you will now see a video review of the relevant model of the relevant year or mark.

The reviews are professionally produced and presented, and can either be watched as one continuous video of up to 20 minutes, or customers can skip to specific sections dedicated to driving experience, cost of ownership and design and build etc.

This means that if a potential customer is looking at a car, they no longer have to visit YouTube or return to Google to get a neutral, factual review, but can see one directly in the page. This means they stay on the site longer, interact with more cars and – ultimately – are more likely to enquire there and then.

Posted by Sue Robinson on 18/11/2016