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Online Dispute Resolution platform delayedBack

EuropeanDear Colleagues,

I am writing to update you on the implementation of the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. As you will be aware, the UK implemented the requirements of the ODR Regulation in our ADR Regulations. The main requirement in the Regulation is that from the 9 January all businesses that sell or provide goods or services online to consumers would have to carry a link to the Commission’s ODR Platform.

We have just been informed by the Commission that due to a number of other Member States not being in a position to implement the requirements of the ODR Regulation by the 9 January, the ‘go live’ date of the platform has been delayed to the 15 February. Businesses will now not be required to carry a link to the ODR platform until it is launched on this new date of 15 February.

We recognise that the decision to delay is not ideal as a number of businesses and consumer organisations have been gearing up for the 9 January. However, we also acknowledge that as we have not been able to provide you with a link to the platform the 6 week delay will give additional time to get ready for its introduction.

We will be updating our guidance to reflect this short delay and will be liaising with enforcement bodies to ensure they are aware. We can reassure you that although the date of 9 January remains in our regulations, we fully understand that it will not be possible for businesses to meet this date as the ODR Platform will not yet be launched. There will of course be no question of enforcement action before 15 February.

We will follow up this email with a link to the ODR platform once it has been released by the Commission.

Please feel free to cascade this email amongst your colleagues and stakeholders. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information.

Kind regards,

Robert Scott

Posted by Sue Robinson on 11/12/2015