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Parliamentary and stakeholder updatesBack

RMIReport1Please see below for this week’s parliamentary and stakeholder updates:


Liberal Democrat party conference

  • Former party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is due speak to conference
  • New party leader Tim Farron will launch the party’s EU referendum campaign

PoliticsHome: EU referendum could lead to break up of Britain, claims Nick Clegg

The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU has left the future of the United Kingdom itself “hanging in the balance”, according to Nick Clegg |

Lib Dems launch EU referendum campaign

Quotes from Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and chair of the Lib Dem EU referendum campaign Catherine Bearder MEP |

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to address conference



  • Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers will reconvene cross-party talks at Stormont in an attempt to resolve the Assembly crisis
  • Scottish Deputy First Minister John Swinney ​speaks in Brussels on Scotland’s economic strategy
  • Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones holds a press conference to mark the start of the new plenary session of the National Assembly of Wales (11:00am).


Title: Protecting the term apprenticeship

Department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


Today the Government has published its response to the Protecting the term ‘apprenticeship’ from misuse consultation paper.

The Government will include a clause in the Enterprise Bill to protect the term ‘apprenticeship’ from misuse by unauthorised training providers. The measure will create an offence for a person in the course of business, to provide or offer a course of training as an apprenticeship if it is not a statutory apprenticeship. Employers cannot commit the offence in relation to their employees. The Government has proposed that the offence is summary only and the maximum penalty is a fine.

Research and analysis

Title: Small Business Survey 2014: businesses led by women and ethnic minorities

Department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Estimates of the contribution to the UK non-financial economy of businesses led by women and minority ethnic groups.

Full Doc:

Press Releases

Which?: Insurance Ts&Cs longer than Animal Farm

We looked at 40 car, home and travel insurance policy documents to see which providers make it easy for people to understand what they’re buying, and which ones don’t. We found:

  • Almost half (17) of the policy documents we looked at are more than 50 pages long.
  • Some travel insurance policies, including ones from Admiral, Direct Line, and More Than, contain more than 32,000 words – longer than George Orwell’s Animal Farm or John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men .
  • Travel policies tend to be the longest with 22,710 words on average, compared with 18,257 for home and 15,488 for car.
  • The longest travel terms we saw are from Admiral and run to 38,248 words, which would take the average person two hours and 15 minutes to read.
  • Rias has the longest home insurance policy at 25,814 words and 66 pages, and also the longest car insurance policy at 20,153 words and 52 pages.
  • It’s recommended that sentences should be kept to around 15 to 20 words on average to make them easier to understand. One sentence in Saga’s travel insurance policy contains a staggering 95 words, and one in Post Office’s travel policy has 86 words.

We also compared 15 policies to what they looked like in 2013 and found nine have increased in length. Flexicover’s travel insurance policy increased the most – from 31,587 words and 16 pages in 2013 to 35,226 words and 24 pages in 2015. Aviva, however, has managed to cut its travel insurance terms from 23,506 words to 16,457.

In June, the Financial Conduct Authority urged companies to simplify their policy documents, but it’s clear many of them still have a long way to go.

Parliamentary business


The Houses of Parliament are in recess until 12 October

Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament is not meeting in plenary and there are no committee meetings scheduled

Welsh Assembly

No relevant business

Northern Ireland Assembly

  • 2:00pm: Questions to the First Minister and deputy First Minister
  • Questions to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment

Katy Recina, RMI Policy Officer

Posted by Sue Robinson on 25/09/2015