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Reaching the Right PeopleBack

nfdatrusteddealers2With millions of cars leaving the forecourt each year it should not be a surprise that the market is diverse and fragmented. Between a young person buying their first car from their next door neighbour to the purchase of a drop-head Rolls Royce Dawn lie an ocean of buying motives and customer demographics.

This can be a problem when it comes to marketing. The majority of searches on a channel such as Google tell you little about the person behind the query. A search for a used Ford Focus could be someone looking to buy an, old cheap car, or someone looking to buy the latest top of the range model.

At Trusted Dealers, we have worked hard over the last 12 months to understand the market for franchised dealers in particular. Our marketing has focussed on an older, wealthier customer base. These are people more likely to have the money to spend on the extra peace of mind offered by a franchised dealership, rather than be motivated solely by the best price.

Rather than spend our members’ money chasing all buyers, we have carefully chosen a target audience across PPC and social channels to reach the people most likely to make an enquiry.

The result is that our site is now second only to AutoTrader in terms of average views per visit, according to data from Comscore in September 2016.

In terms of demographic targeting, we have worked hard to target those older buyers, and our share of over 55s in particular is far higher than the average for the classified sector.

This is important, because we know that this demographic respond better to the stock held by our members, interact more with our site and are the people most likely to ultimate convert into car buyers.




Posted by Sue Robinson on 07/10/2016