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Brexit2UK’s June car sales fall as industry seeks government support after Brexit vote

Sales in June fell 0.8 percent to 255,766 units, prompting industry bodies to urge the government to boost economic confidence to avoid further drops after the EU referendum result. Six-month sales are still up 3.2% to 1.42 million.

Although car deliveries typically occur several weeks after purchase decisions and most of June’s sales happened before the June 23 vote, there is normally a push by manufacturers at the end of each month to boost figures as much as possible, meaning the Brexit vote could have hit end-of-month demand.

Ratings agency Fitch said on Tuesday that there will probably be a decline in British new-vehicle sales due to slower economic growth and weaker consumer confidence.

In Germany, Europe’s No. 1 market, registrations rose 8 percent, while in France volume was up 0.8 percent. Italian sales increased 12 percent in June and in Spain, registrations jumped 11 percent.

Source: Automotive News 

AEBCarSafetyUK’s best-selling new cars are failing to embrace emergency braking

Only half of the UK’s top 10 best-selling new cars have autonomous emergency braking as standard fitment, warns Thatcham Research, which is lobbying for safer cars.

It says AEB has been shown to reduce low-speed crashes by up to 40% by automatically braking to avoid a collision if the driver hasn’t reacted. AEB is still not available at all on more than half of all new cars (52%) on sale in the UK.

The Ford Fiesta, the most popular new car sold, doesn’t have AEB as standard and offers it as a cost option on half its model range. The Vauxhall Corsa, second most popular, is not available with AEB at all. Combined sales of Fiesta and Corsa totalled over 100,000 in the first 6 months of this year.

Thatcham Research is calling on all car makers to embrace the highest levels of active safety technology.


LowEmissionZoneLondon Mayor plans to bring forward ULEZ introduction to 2019 and extend area

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has set out his ‘Clean Air Action Plan’, in which the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone is brought forward to 2019 from 2020.

The key points in the plan include:

  • Implementing a £10 Emissions Surcharge – on top of the congestion charge – which would apply to all vehicles with pre-Euro 4 emission standards (broadly speaking those registered before 2005) entering central London from 2017.
  • Introducing the central London Ultra-Low Emission Zone in 2019
  • Extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (‘ULEZ’) beyond central London from 2020: for motorcycles, cars and vans, to the North and South Circular; and for lorries, buses and coaches London-wide
  • Developing a detailed proposal for a national diesel scrappage scheme for Government to implement
  • Bringing forward the requirement for all double–deck buses to be ULEZ-compliant in central London from 2020 to 2019

The public have until Friday July 29 2016 to feed back on the first round of the consultation.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “With nearly 10,000 people dying early every year in London due to exposure to air pollution, cleaning up London’s toxic air is now an issue of life and death.”

BVRLAFleet sector calls for industry-wide standards on connected car data

Nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents to the latest BVRLA Fleet Technology Survey strongly agree that more standards and regulation are required to control access to and use of vehicle and driver data.

More than 54% of survey respondents said that in-built telematics would become the most common source for driver and vehicle data within the next five years, with 29% claiming it would come via smartphone fleet management apps and just 15% believing that plug-in devices would be most prevalent.

Responses to this year’s survey suggest that there have been no significant growth in the uptake of telematics, with around two-thirds saying that less than a quarter of their fleets were fitted with the technology. Cost is becoming less of a factor, however, with just 20% of people saying that it was a barrier to uptake, compared to 34% in 2015. More than half (54%) of respondents said also that their technology budget would rise this year, with just 1% expecting a decrease.

CAPHPINew research from cap hpi highlights jump in pre-registration activity

Pre-registration activity has increased 46% in 16/16 plate volumes during June, according to research from cap hpi.

Philip Nothard, consumer and retail specialist at cap hpi, said: “Pre-registered vehicles must be kept for 90 days before sale. A spike in 16/16 plates at the end of June is indicative of activity at the end of March.

“What will be instrumental to the effect on values is how well and how quickly those dealers who are holding high volumes can clear these vehicles.

“There may well be a knock on effect to older cars as a consequence of the price points of nearly-new to compete with the strong new car offers available.”

In June, volumes of 16/16 plate vehicles versus 15/15 at the same time last year, rose by 10%. City Car saw a 66.3% rise in late-plate vehicles when compared to the same point in 2015.


131202 AA black boxNew partnership to boost electric uptake

The AA has partnered with Chargemaster, a provider of charging point and services, to accelerate the uptake of electric cars, providing advice, support and access to a UK-wide network of chargers.

The first of its kind in the UK, the new partnership will deliver a range of benefits, including bespoke home charging units, access to thousands of charging points and preferential charging rates.

Edmund King OBE, AA president, said, ‘We think that the EV revolution is about to take off and we want to help consumers understand the benefits of low cost, low emission driving and to show them it is accessible and affordable. Per mile driven an EV is five times cheaper than the average petrol car and carries no vehicle excise duty.’

The partnership is a reaction to AA research predicting there will be more than 500,000 electric and plug-in hybrids on the road by 2020.


TeslaTesla car crash potentially ‘key moment’ in driverless car insurance

The fatal car accident involving a Tesla in autopilot mode, occurred in the US on 7 May, could potentially become ‘the key’ moment in development of insurance for driverless vehicles, according to analysts from Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Centre (IIC).

According to Tesla, this was the first known fatality in just over 130m miles of driving with autopilot activated. When Tesla autopilot is engaged, the car warns that the mode is “an assist feature that requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times.”

In this case, both the driver and the Tesla missed the white side of the trailer against the bright sky, meaning the brake was not applied, causing the crash.

According to the Insurance Intelligence Centre (IIC) the decision made by the NHTSA, and any insurance claims resulting from this, will have a major impact on how driverless cars are insured.

Joel Dudley, an analyst at the IIC, said: “This may now set a precedent for whether the manufacturer or the driver is at fault in this kind of collision. If the courts decide that the manufacturer is responsible, this turns the existing motor insurance model on its head – drivers will no longer need to buy insurance, as they do now, with manufacturers buying the insurance instead.”

vwVolkswagen and LG team up in drive for greater car connectivity

The Volkswagen Group has signed a memorandum with LG Electronics which affirms both companies’ commitment to combine resources in order to push for the next generation connected car technologies.
Through combining their technology, the companies see the partnership as a key opportunity to boost connectivity in vehicles, and change the nature of driving.

The two brands will mostly focus on Volkswagen’s Cross-Over Platform, its vehicle connectivity system. It will create a dedicated cloud system which will allow smart devices to be controlled in the car, but also remotely from the road.

Vehicles equipped with the system will also be able to receive notifications with real-time driving suggestions.

BMWLogoBMW Group teams with tech companies for autonomous cars

BMW Group has partnered with chip manufacturer Intel and IT company Mobileye to develop self-driving vehicles and future mobility concepts. The trio intend to bring fully autonomous vehicles out by 2021.

The three companies said they were convinced that automated driving technologies will make travel safer and easier in a joint statement: “The goal of the collaboration is to develop future-proofed solutions that enable the drivers to not only take their hands off the steering wheel, but reach the so called “eyes off” (level 3) and ultimately the “mind off” (level 4) level transforming the driver’s in-car time into leisure or work time.”

Source: Motor Finance Online

Posted by Sue Robinson on 08/07/2016