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FTFinancial Times

Chance of interest rate rise fades as inflation dips to 5-year low
An imminent rise in the UK’s ultra-low interest rates of 0.5 per cent looks less likely after inflation dropped to 1.2 per cent, lowest level for five years. The news depressed sterling and cemented investor expectations that the first interest rate change since 2009 will not come after the general election in May.

The Guardian

Ukip could take 30 seats in 2015 election
Ukip has a chance of winning in an at least 30 constituencies at the next election, although it is only likely to win five, according to data compiled after the party’s byelection win in Clacton.

The Times

Diesel car pollution 25 times legal limit – That pollution from some new diesel cars is up to 25 times greater than the legal limit. The study, which was commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation, found that the average car produced seven times more nitrogen oxides than the Euro 6 standard, which came into force last month.

Company drivers need safety training to cut cycle deaths – Employers must improve safety training for their drivers, campaigners have warned, as figures show that a quarter of road deaths and serious injuries suffered by cyclists and pedestrians involve a company vehicle. About 8 per cent of cars are company cars and HGVs account for 5 per cent of traffic but are involved in about a quarter of fatal collisions with cyclists.

Support for car videos One in four motorists would like dashboard cameras to be made compulsory to help end bogus insurance claims such as fake injury and “cash for crash” scams, according to an RAC survey. The motoring organisation found that a fifth of drivers were considering buying an in-car video camera top protect themselves against fraud.““`

Bikers are streets ahead – Motorcyclists’ road safety knowledge is better than car drivers, a study suggests. More than 60 per cent of riders polled knew that the safe stopping distance in rainy conditions at 30mph was 150ft compared with 34 per cent of motorists.

The Daily Mail

Mercedes recall 8,000 cars in the UK – Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 8,000 of its new cars in the UK because of a steering fault. Safety officials say that the problem could affect car control in ‘extreme’ cases. The fault is present in the C-class saloons, and affects the steering column coupling lock which binds the steering column to the steering rack. Worldwide 28,000 cars may be affected, but Mercedes-Benz says that there have been no accidents connected to the problem.

The drivers who are too vain to wear their glasses – Millions of motorists are putting themselves and others at risk because they can’t see properly. as many as one in eight drivers who need glasses, are getting behind the wheel without them. The survey, conducted by laser eye surgery Focus, found that 43 per cent of those who admitted to not wearing glasses to drive said the reason was vanity. Others said it was ‘too much hassle’ or that they regularly forgot their glasses. Motoring Lawyer Nick Freeman warned drivers about the consequences of not wearing their glasses: ‘If you are involved in a serious accident, one of the first things a police officer will do is check your vision, and, if you aren’t wearing your glasses when you should, there are very serious consequences.’

THE GREAT MILES PER GALLON CON – When petrol and diesel were relatively cheap, many of us were happy to drive cars that did only 20 miles to the gallon. But now petrol costs around £1.30 per litre – nearly £6 per gallon – the need for fuel efficient cars is greater than ever. That is why the fuel economy of cars is such a selling point. And why manufacturers set such store by producing vehicles that are supposedly able to travel enormous distances on teaspoons of fuel.

The Daily Telegraph

Turmoil as markets tumble worldwide Financial market around the world were plunged into turmoil yesterday after poor data from the US heightened fears over the health of the global economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled as much as 460 points, 2.8pc drop, and the S&P 500 lost as much as 3pc on Wall Street. Yields on safe-haven 10-year Treasuries briefly crashed to 1.86pc – the lowest level since May last year – before partially rebounding, a sudden fall that took traders by surprise.

Stretched markets ‘at risk of blowing up’
The global financial markets are dangerously stretched and may unwind violently as liquidity dries up, the Bank of International Settlement has warned.


Posted by Sue Robinson on 17/10/2014