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A guide to servicing and repairsBack

Buying a new car is an exciting experience – you don’t always want to be bothered with all the issues which come afterwards. But, among all the excitement, it’s well worth taking the time to think about some of these areas as they could save you money in the long-run.

In fact, if you fail to recognise the future maintenance costs for the car you are purchasing, you might end up having to sell it further down the line. That’s why the team at Trusted Dealers have come up with a guide below – to show you how to decrease those all important ownership costs.

Pick a best-seller
Opting for a best-selling car is a good idea – a Ford Fiesta or a Volkswagen Polo will always be easier to fix and to obtain spare parts for, and most garages will be able to carry out the repairs, so you’ll be able to compare and contrast costs and choose the cheapest venue. Popular makes tend to retain their residual values very well too, so you will save added cash when it comes to sell your car on.

Choose a cheap make
Choosing a make such as Vauxhall or Ford will guarantee that your car is cheaper to fix than other rivals. This is because both of these key brands manufacture a high volume of company cars where the costs to repair a vehicle have been made low by manufacturers in order to attract a larger customer base and keep them happy.

Purchase used
You don’t have to pick a current model of car to get a good deal on the servicing, in fact, most manufacturers have an agreement to keep parts available for a minimum of 10 years after the model ceases production, so you will save money by purchasing a used car where parts will usually be cheaper.

Avoid old bangers
You might think that purchasing a really old used car and doing it up yourself is a cheaper option but we are here to advise you against this, simply because by the time you have sourced and paid for all the spare parts you’ll need, you will almost probably end up forking out as much as a new car. Pay particular attention to the state of the cabin as a small hole in the fabric could result in a full seat cover change which again is very costly.

Shop around
When it comes to the time when you new or second-hand car requires a service, it pays to do some homework and shop around to obtain the best deal you can on garage prices. Hourly labour rates vary widely from one garage to another, and you will normally pay slightly more for a franchised dealer, but in return the work on your car will be guaranteed and replacement parts will be of top quality – they may even deliver and collect your car from your home or place of work – so it’s worth paying a little extra for added peace of mind.

Posted by Leana Kell on 12/02/2013