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Car insurance tips for mums with teensBack

If you have teenagers in your household approaching the age of seventeen, you are probably dreading the thought of forking out for driving lessons, paying for the all important first car, and then the car insurance which can be the steepest hurdle for teenage drivers who are just starting out.

In fact, when it comes to purchasing car insurance, you may need to consider your options very carefully. If you are thinking about adding your child’s name to your own existing licence, you need to be absolutely sure that they will only be using your car on the rare occasion, otherwise you could find yourself being charged with insurance fraud which will leave you even further out of pocket.

There are many things which young drivers can do to bring down the cost of their first car insurance policy, so it’s well worth taking note of a few top tips below from the team at Trusted Dealers.

No-claims no gain

One of the simplest ways to reduce car insurance is to pay the initial premium and build up a no-claims bonus which can reduce costs by up to 50 -75 per cent over a period of time. Providing your child avoids making many claims, you should benefit in the long run despite the initial larger pay out.

Push Pass Plus

Encouraging your child to take a Pass Plus driving course is another way to reduce car insurance premiums by around 10 per cent with some schemes offering a discount of up to 40 per cent for Pass Plus qualified drivers.

Think small

Choosing a smaller car in a lower insurance group is a good way to keep insurance premiums low. Smaller cars have a lower engine capacity and will therefore achieve more miles to the gallon and will usually require cheaper parts, which means you’ll also save cash on running costs.

Pay your way

Choosing to pay voluntary excess on a car insurance premium can also reduce costs, although be aware that if your child does have an accident, you will have to pay this excess in order to get back on the road, so be careful not to raise it too high.

Homework pays off

Finally, shop around for your child’s car insurance policy. Using car comparison websites is a good way to match up several car insurance policies to find one which works best. Some policies offer incentives such as cash back or further discounts off a policy so it is well worth doing some research before you make the final decision.



Posted by Leana Kell on 25/07/2012