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How To Check Your Oil LevelBack

An engine without oil will simply not work. In fact, run your engine for only a few minutes without oil can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.

Removing the dipstick Firstly – locate your dipstick. It is normally located near the front of your engine bay. the dipstick is, as its name suggests, effectively a stick that is dipped into your oil that lets you see how much you have remaining.
Secondly, pull the dipstick out. As the oil sloshes around your engine, the end is likely to be all covered in oil.At this point, the dipstick does NOT tell you how much oil you have and you must clean it first before checking.
Cleaning a dipstick Clean the end of your dipstick with a tissue or rag. Once clean, you can check your oil level properly.
Withdraw the dipstick again. You should now be able to judge the level of your oil properly. Most dipsticks have notches or markers to indicate the minimum and maximum levels of oil.In the case shown by this picture, the oil line in this engine is below the bottom notch and the car should be replenished with oil as soon as possible before running the risk of serious engine damage Correct oil level

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 28/05/2013