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How to correctly de-ice your windscreenBack

A recent report from has revealed that people will use just about anything in order to clean their icy windscreens.

Some of the most common household implements used by motorists to replace a proper scraper include credit cards, spatulas, boiling water and even alcohol.

With winter well and truly upon us, motorists are coming to terms with the fact that most mornings are going to involve an ice scrape prior to the daily commute to work, school or other destinations.

Research carried out by Autoglym questioned almost 2,000 people on how they dealt with an icy windscreen and it found that almost 29 per cent of people even resort to using their hands as a scraper!

Fifteen per cent of drivers had used boiling water to clear their windscreen before which is a definite no go as it could cause the windscreen to shatter due to the extreme change in temperature. Five per cent of those surveyed under 24 even admitted to using alcohol instead of de-icer.

“Using anything other than a good quality de-icing solution and ice scraper will not effectively remove the ice, and makeshift substitutes can damage the car’s glass and rubber seals,” said Paul Caller, Autoglym CEO. “Instead of attacking the windscreen with boiling water and a credit card, I’d urge motorists to prepare themselves with the correct equipment for the job.”

The Trusted Dealers have outlined five simple steps below on how to correctly de-ice your car in winter.

1. Turn on the engine and switch your demister to its highest setting.

2. If you have air conditioning, make sure this is also turned on.

3. Brush any thick lumps of snow off the windscreen, mirrors and windows using a scraper.

4. Spray de-icing fluid onto the windscreen.

5. Use an ice scraper to scrape all the frost from your windscreen. If it’s particularly icy, spray some more de-icer on and try again.

If you run out of de-icer, you can use a 50/50 solution of water mixed with vinegar as an alternative solution. Remember also to keep your windscreen wipers switched off when you are de-icing your car. Rubber from the wipers can stick to the ice and cause them to break. You can also blow a fuse by attempting to turn wipers on when they are frozen, which could result in an unwanted trip to the garage.

Finally, always stay in your car or just near it when de-icing. If you leave your car when it’s running, you could expose it to theft.




Posted by Leana Kell on 12/12/2012