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Do you know an electric car could save you?

  • Electric cars cost only a few pounds to fully charge, especially if an off-peak overnight tariff has been subscribed to
  • The lower cost of fuel is a great benefit of electric vehicles and over the life of the vehicle can balance out the higher upfront purchase. Driving between 30 and 80 miles a day will maximise fuel savings
  • A petrol or diesel car costs £11 to £16 to drive 100 miles – around four times the £3 to £5 this same distance would cost in an electric car. A rough guide to the fuel savings on offer is £100 saving per 1,000 miles driven
  • Drivers visiting central London in an EV are eligible for a 100% London Congestion Charge discount of £11.50 per day. Over the course of the year with regular visits this could total over £2000 a year
  • Pure EVs costing no more than £40,000 have a zero rate of VED (Vehicle Excise Duty, or road tax)
  • Energy Saving Trust’s Guide to ultra low emission vehicles outlines the benefits of ULEVs and the practicalities of running ULEVs, explained for both domestic owners and fleet managers. This includes whole life cost comparisons of electric vehicles to conventional vehicles

Lifetime cost comparison: electric vs. petrol

This example compares a Ford Fiesta, a popular car, with the pure electric Kia Soul. The comparison shows the fuel cost of the Ford Fiesta is significantly higher compared to the electricity cost associated with the Kia Soul although other operational considerations such as range should be to be taken into account.
5 years/50,000 miles*

Ford Fiesta Kia Soul
Life cost (excl. fuel) £15,053 £15,079
Life fuel cost £4,761 £1,411
Life total cost £19,814 £16,490
Pence per mile cost 40 33

*Includes lease and service rental costs provided by Alphabet.


*iPad Competition Terms and Conditions

In order to be entered into the iPad draw, you must attend one of the roadshow events. We will take your contact details at the event, and the prize winner will be chosen at random after the last event on the 5th May.