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How to avoid insurance-related fraudBack

190911 Road rageInsurance related fraud is on the increase and motorists can often find themselves caught up in fraudulent scams.

In recent years, many motorists have fallen victim to intentionally staged road incidents which force insurance companies to pay out high claims.

Insurance-related frauds occur when false claims are made to insurance companies. In the event of a false motoring insurance claim, the person may deliberately destroy the asset they are claiming insurance for – their car.

Insurance fraud can also occur when a person provides false information to an insurance company in order to lower their insurance premium – this is a common type of insurance fraud in the motoring industry.

Take a look below at some tips from Trusted Dealers on how to stay clear of fraudulent scams on the road.

Stay Alert

Stay extra alert on busy roads and try to identify hazards early and wait until it is safe to pass through. Drive slower and keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front at all times – remember the two second rule.

Look ahead

Always look ahead and anticipate what could happen. Look beyond the vehicles directly in front of you and respond as opposed to reacting to any difficulties. If you’re stuck in slow moving traffic, remember to leave at least one foot per mph.


Be very wary of motorists tailgating you – they may be doing this intentionally to get your attention. Ignore any gestures made and concentrate on sticking to the road rules. If at any point you feel threatened, pull over where it is safe and legal to do so and let them pass you.


If you are involved in a collision and don’t think its your fault, call the police straight away. If you are able to, canvass for witnesses and if they are unable to stay until the police arrive, try to get contact details off them. Whatever happens, avoid getting into a argument or any confrontation with the other driver involved.

Gather information

In the case of any road incident, try to collect as much information as possible, and take photographs if you can – this will make it easier to explain to the police and the evidence could prevent you from being victim to any insurance fraud.

Remain calm

Whatever happens, always try to remain calm behind the wheel. Road rage is one of the reasons intentional collisions occur, but this can be avoided. Avoid reacting to another driver’s bad behaviour, it will only make matters worse. If you do make a mistake, a simple wave of apology can often immediately diffuse the situation.

To find out more about insurance fraud, click here:

Posted by Leana Kell on 15/06/2016