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New Trusted Search boosts enquiriesBack

trusted-searchInterest in using our Trusted Search service to help manage pay per click advertising has proven popular with enquiries from groups of all different sizes.

As part of the services we offer to all members alongside Trusted Chat and Trusted E-shots we’ve been working hard to establish client accounts for paid search activity on popular search sites like google and bing.

Whilst google massively dominates the search market, there remain other opportunities as part of an overall search campaign.

Typically we’ve seen competition for search terms increase over the last 12 months and so it’s important ads and ad copy are optimised and that Members use analytics to maximise results.

Analytics itself has become an essential part of a dealers marketing activity, not just in understanding what happens on your site, but also in understanding the effectiveness of different sources.

Against that background we still expect to reduce advertising costs to our members by about 20% and typically charge 50% less than many search agencies. A key feature of Trusted Search is that we work through not just cost per click but all the way back to cost per enquiry and even cost per sale.

As peoples search habits move into mobile and tablet use the timing of pay per click activity becomes all the more important – you’re talking to very distinct audiences in terms of behaviour throughout the day.

For more information on Trusted Search call now on 01423 506272.

Posted by Leana Kell on 04/11/2013