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With today’s increasingly savvy and informed consumer it’s really important to make the most out of every single opportunity.

Google tells us that 47 per cent of people are looking at our websites out of traditional working hours and recent research from JudgeService also tells us that customers only visit 1.6 dealers on average and yet less than one third of people felt that their enquiry was dealt with swiftly and completely. This presents a massive opportunity for the initiated to win business from the competition.

Consumer expectation is of an almost instant response to email and more and more users want to engage in chat before they are willing to speak to the dealer themselves. Nearly 60 per cent of consumers take less than a month to buy a car but when we fail to meet their expectations half of them will change the dealer or at least consider an alternative.

In establishing which dealer to use, 56 per cent of people are now users of social media and 34 per cent will share their experience in this arena.

So if we paint a picture of the best practice dealer, they will be happy to engage with consumers over email or chat as well as over the phone, and be able to accomplish this well into the evening. They’ll welcome the consumer to the dealership and in many ways provide the finishing touches to the consumer’s choice. If the customer doesn’t buy, they’ll have an active means of following the consumer up and when they do buy they’ll make sure they’ve met the customer’s expectations and encouraged them to provide reviews or testimonials.

At Trusted Dealers, we are privileged to work with many of the best dealers in the country and we look forward to developing our relationship with them in 2014 to make sure they have an “unfair share” of these opportunities.

To find out more about Trusted Chat and our out-of-hours research or to become a member, drop us a line on 01423 506272 or email


Posted by Leana Kell on 06/01/2014