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VirtuousCircleWhen Trusted Dealers was set up it was fairly clear that something “needed to be done” to stop the media from continually escalating its prices to the detriment of all motor retailers.

With the backing of 35 leading dealer groups, Trusted Dealers launched in February 2011 to remind the media that we were customers not cheque books and that we weren’t powerless to act.

Many times before people had the idea but on this occasion the idea and the plan were put into effect. One could certainly argue that we have been effective in keeping the media honest over the last three years. In addition came the realisation that the franchise model wasn’t just under attack from greedy media, but also from the high street chains in particular in aftersales, vehicle servicing, MOT and so on.

With this in mind Trusted Dealers joined with the NFDA just over a year ago to create standards to underpin the 10 points of difference on used car sales and on aftersales. These standards are now shared across the industry among franchised dealers and are backed up with a consumer help line should it be needed.

So our mission is to promote the benefits of buying and maintaining a vehicle at a trusted franchise dealer and at the same time to deliver better value, used car enquiries and service enquiries every day.

We take this seriously and analyse the calls we deliver to look at the length and quality of calls, we do the same with email and even offer additional services such as chat and out of hours at no additional cost to support our members, and the beauty of it all is that we don’t want to make a profit.

Trusted Dealers operates at more or less breakeven and we invest every penny we can in marketing your stock and business to the public.

And that is where the virtuous circle comes in; our fixed costs on salaries and on the website will remain the same, but the more members we get advertising their stock, the more we can spend on marketing, the more we spend on marketing, the more leads we generate, the more leads we generate, the more compelling it becomes to advertise on Trusted Dealers and then the more stock we get to advertise, and so on.

So now is the time to get onboard. Contact either Neil Addley, Michael Moorey or Sylvia Robson, and one of us will be delighted to come and talk to you about NFDA Trusted Dealers and hopefully welcome you on board.

Posted by Neil Addley on 09/06/2014