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Propagating the virtuous circleBack

circleJune 2014 was a record month for Trusted Dealers in terms of generating used car leads to our members. This has been accomplished as a result of increased collaboration with our members around understanding the metrics you can apply to digital lead generation.

The nature of Trusted Dealers, owned by the NFDA means that we put generating leads for our members ahead of any other motives. Therefore, the more advertisers we get on board, the more we’re able to spend on marketing as our fixed costs don’t increase. This means that we generate more leads which makes us more appealing to members new and old. This in turn brings in more revenue and propagates our virtuous circle.

Trusted Dealers was founded to give dealers protection against rapidly increasing media prices and that remains at the core of what we do. But beyond that, we’re also focussed on understanding the metrics applied to online marketing, and working with the NFDA campaigning around standards that our members offer, and in addition, generating service bookings.

We’ve conducted a significant amount of research into the behaviours of our users and how they engage with our members, for example, the vast majority (75%) of enquiries are generated from users who have been on the website for 3 minutes plus. This insight helps us manage traffic into the site and clearly indicates that engagement produces results.

Another interesting fact is that over 80% of email enquiries are generated by consumers more than one hour’s drive time away. This must result from Joe public being unwilling to risk travelling larger distances to find a vehicle doesn’t match their expectations, or for example, is already sold.

These insights together with core listening enable us to continually improve the quality of leads we provide to our members, and in turn, the quality of response to consumers.

The next piece of the metrics jigsaw is to include postcode matching as part of our service to enable dealers to track Trusted Dealers leads back to sales. Next month, we’ll look at the metrics you can apply to aftersales and tyre bookings.

For further information please drop me a line on 01423 506272 or email

Posted by Neil Addley on 23/07/2014