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Trusted Deals from the NFDABack

Behindyou1The NFDA makes a huge contribution to dealers by representing them as a lobbying group to government and the SMMT.

Recent lobbying activity includes interactions with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) over GAP, representing Dealers to the DVLA over the changes in number plate administration and so on.

On top of these lobbying benefits, the NFDA provides legal advice through MILS (Motor Industry Legal Services) and a variety of support services around HR and Accounting.

The NFDA also promotes the franchise dealer through the Trusted Dealers website.

To add to the mix, the NFDA has added a number of commercial packages with advantageous terms to be enjoyed by NFDA members. These include confidential waste disposal, print management, stationery and office supplies, vending machines, water coolers, number plates, online recruitment and service plans.

These commercial partnerships are designed to help NFDA members save money whilst offering first class suppliers to the membership.

If you’d like more information and our Trusted Dealers brochure please email

Turning to Trusted Dealers, I’d like to congratulate the team on a record March in generating over 7194 fifty second calls, up 37% year-on-year and 1408 email enquiries, up 48% year-on-year.

Now that we are able to offer postcode matching to our members, we are also able to predict the level of enquiries in sales we would be able to generate for you.

If you’d like more information, please drop me a line on or 01423 506 272.


Posted by Neil Addley on 15/04/2015